Thursday, December 1, 2011

Living With It

I find that I often need to live with a painting for awhile in order to let it tell me what to do next. As an abstract intuitive painter, I don't plan out specific imagery, define the painting ahead of time or draw out a plan on the canvas in an attempt to make it "look like something". When I paint, I am totally in the moment of painting and it happens. But often times, I need to "live with it". So this painting, a 36" x 48" acrylic on canvas with collaged pattern paper is on the wall in my bedroom, unfinished so that I can experience how it feels in my home, to go to sleep with it, to wake up with it. And as each day passes, I see little things in the painting that either need to be there or don't, it speaks to me about what might be the next step in the painting process. And then . . . we go back to the studio and paint some more. Stay tuned for the next evolution of "red in the bedroom".


  1. Karon, I have a 36 x 36 on my bedroom wall that is unfinished. I keep staring at it and see different things each time. It is also an acrylic with collage. One day I see faces, the next I see nothing....I will finish it one day.

  2. such a good idea Karon - each day a fresh look xo