Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the Studio Evolves - "Where Is Home?"

Its been quite awhile since my last post and I've neglected to keep up on my commitment of posting every Sunday. My bad. Darn - that life keeps getting in the way.

So the studio has evolved and the classes are going well - happy students make a happy Karon. The gallery is what really surprises me - and we are getting ready for the 2nd show with new artists and new artwork. The show for April is theme based and is called "Where Is Home?". This idea came from the same source for my inspiration of the "Jake" series and has also been something I have been dealing with over the last year. I sold my home and know that where I live now is temporary. So I wondered - is it the physical space we surround with our treasures and family that make a house a home? Is it the city, the state, or the country that is our home? I was also recently involved in an art project that helped a women's day shelter, http://www.womenofmarysplace.org/ www.exPRESSiveArtsStudio.com