Saturday, August 13, 2011

Creative Beings

I work the weekends at the Tubac Center of the Arts. I'm grateful that I get to bring my puppy, Maggie to work with me. Last weekend I was working on the computer with Maggie by my side and a man and his 11 year old daughter came in from Phoenix. The man claimed to know nothing about art but came to Tubac for his daughter as she was very interested in art. He was also a dog lover and sat on the floor next to the desk playing with Maggie while we chatted about art and our current exhibit, Summer Gallery, my work and creative expression. He designs computer systems, and shared that there were times that the joy of creating these systems, the simple magnificence of them, almost brought him to tears. We are all creative beings and whether the expression of our creativity is a painting on canvas or a complexly simple computer system, it is the process of creation that can bring us joy. This man left with a hug and a told me that he learned about art that day. A conversation I will never forget.