Friday, September 25, 2009

Back On Track and The Last Road Trip

Feeling guilty that I've abandoned my blog for the summer so now that it is late October I really should get back on track. The summer was surprisingly busy and I feel the fall has booked up just as quickly. I was able to attend the International Encaustic Artists Retreat in Carmel Valley, CA and met some great people and even learned a few new things. The 2 days of driving each way was exhausting as I've had my fill of road trips recently but sometimes you make the best of it. In fact, on the way there, my artist friend and traveling partner Sherrie Posternak and I started making up stories based on things we had seen and experienced along the way and had such fun with it we cracked ourselves up to the point of tears. Now THAT'S how you enjoy a road trip.

Karon Leigh, Maria Arvayo, Kari Young, Diane Bailey-Haug, & Birgit Huttemann-Holz

Best part of the retreat for me - the BEACH of course!

Eileen Goldenberg & Pamela Blum @ retreat in CA

I very much enjoyed some of the presenters/speakers at the retreat, the philosophical, Tony Scherman and probably my favorite, Pamela Blum with her demo on working 3D.

Mari Marks

A highlight of the retreat for me was finally seeing everyone's work and having the art/gift exchange where I received this coveted piece by artist Mari Marks. I really scored on this one.

So now that the summer fun is over, well, its not that I haven't been working on new work - I have, but have also been pulled in all sorts of directions with other commitments and volunteer work. I did finish the first few pieces in my new series "the women that came before me" where I honor artists and other strong women, with these 2 pieces that include Frida Kahlo. Yes - I know - Frida's been done before but I had to start somewhere and she is just one in a large list of women I am including in this series - so stay tuned for further updates.