Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Stop in Vegas

We spent our first night at my brother's place in Vegas. Wow - look at the development that has happened here. Houses everywhere! The city has spread and grown probably 3 times since I lived there 14 years ago. Since I lived in Vegas for 6 years I saw and learned that gambling was a big "looser" thing to do and haven't gambled since. Can't stand to be in the casinos so for me, this was just a place to crash for the night.

The road trip from Vegas to San Francisco is very long and quite boring. Uneventful landscape.
Seems the Atlantis landed at Edwards Air Force Base on Saturday but we must have missed it. Didn't see any additional traffic in the area or things falling from the sky. Oh well.

Probably the best part of this section of the trip was the garlic fields southeast of San Jose. Big trucks of garlic and whiffs of garlic filling the air. A dark grey cloud hovered over San Francisco as we arrived - cold and a big change from our Arizona weather.

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