Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Point Reyes

Karon @ Progressive Grounds

We start our days at Progressive Grounds, a pleasant little coffee shop a block from my niece's house in Bernal Heights. On Monday we headed north west over the Golden Gate Bridge and out to Point Reyes where my niece, Amber is working at a cafe/pizza joint. We stopped at the visitor's center and drove into Inverness for more coffee and discovered the local Artist's Studio Tour was taking place. I much prefer a studio tour to shopping or even hikes out to the beach. So we got the map and made our selections and off we went, discovering a wonderful woodblock printmaker - famous in the area named Tom Killion and also a fellow encaustic artist named Paula Fava.

Its been so nice to see green landscape and water again after being in the desert for the last 7 months. The rolling hills around Point Reyes are so relaxing. Its a farming area with cows roaming the hills. They say - happy cows are from California. they looked happy to me.
Amber at Cafe Reyes

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