Friday, May 29, 2009

Leaving San Francisco

Again we start our day at "Progressive Grounds", a coffee shop around the corner from Amber's place. The back patio area is inviting and a gentle space to enjoy our coffee and discuss life and our plans for the day. Beth will head to the airport to return to Phoenix and I will drive north with Medford, OR as my destination for the day.

One of the little treasures I found at the coffee shop was this old fire hydrant hidden in the patio gardens. I am drawn to weathered and worn, rusting metals, in fences, hydrants, old cars, you name it. The patterns and colors created by the elements and time are so beautiful. This hydrant is inspiring a new palette for my next encaustic work - hmmm. Recreating weathered metals in encaustic - now that's a challenge.

I'll head north on 101 across the Golden Gate Bridge again with a stop in Novato to look up another encaustic artist, Sandy Miot. From there I'll go north around the bay and catch I5 for the long day's drive to Medford.

After a few missed turns and an extra 45 minutes of driving I find the Hamilton Art Center in Novato. I should have mapped it before leaving SF but had shut down the computer and went from memory - always a bad thing.

I met Sandy Miot in her studio where she was working with a student, Barbara. Sandy has a beautiful well lit and huge studio space in the Hamilton bldg. Her work is facinating, very dimensional with a mix of embbedded metal objects. She is also working in encaustic monotypes and we had both learned this technique from Paula Roland. I love meeting other artists and especially encaustic artists. We always learn something from each other and find so much in common. Notice the book on the table - yup - that's my friend Trish's book, "Encaustic Workshop" which can be purchased via Amazon - the link is right here on my blog page. Seems Trish and Sandy both took Paula's workshop together. Hmm - small encaustic world - I just love it!

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