Saturday, October 25, 2008

Road Trip - the Destination

Friday morning we left my sister's house in Phoenix and headed south. Its a short but uneventful drive from Phoenix to Tucson. A few scenes sparked some old memories such as Compton Terrace - just south of Phoenix, where I attended many concerts in my youth - my most memorable was when I took my sister for her birthday to see Fleetwood Mac and we joined up with some childhood friends, a group of sisters - so we were a happy dancing group of young women having a fabulous time with our blanket out on the lawn, singing and dancing to the latest FM hits and at least I - was wishing I was Stevie Nicks. That concert was also the first time I ventured into the men's room after discovering that there was no line at the men's room when the women's had a line so long I would have peed my pants. Stevie at Compton (not the concert I was at)

We were hungry by the time we got into Tucson so decided to stop and find a Mexican restaurant. To our surprise, they were few and far between or perhaps I just didn't know where to look. We ended up at Chewy's - not what I had in mind but they let us have Sonny in the patio area and since it was about 96 degrees - thought this best than leaving him in the car.

Back on the road and I was starting to get anxious about my new digs - only having seen pics over the internet - was I going to hate it - was it a Craig's List scam? Am I totally screwed? Was this all a mistake? Driving into the small town of St. David I was very pleasantly surprised to see an art gallery, A Gallery of Dreams and hoped it also lived up to my expectations. Down the little dirt road and spotting my new home, a smile came over my face. I had perma-grin for the rest of the evening. It was everything I had hoped for. I had always loved the Santa Fe style architecture. There were only 3 houses on this dead end dirt road and my need for privacy was satisfied completely.

Evelia and I unloaded quite a bit of my "oh my gosh I have too much stuff" from the POD which had arrived the day before. I was surprised and entertained by the numerous grasshoppers that filled the lawn and rested against the wall on the front of the house. There were some very large ones, slow and walked only - no
jumping or flying like the smaller majority. The neighbors later told me the nickname for these 3" long grasshoppers was "Little Generals". Different state/climate - different bugs.

We claimed bedrooms and threw down sleeping bags and pillows and then started our arrival celebration with a few margaritas with supplies we picked up at the local safeway (yes - they sell tequila at the safeway). Being out in a small town, away from the lights of the big city allowed for a dramatic view of the stars as the sun went down. The stars were amazing - the milky way a clear streak of white that ran over the front past the back of the house. The quiet, the dark - I hadn't even seen close to this since living in my private 1 1/2 acres in Gold Bar, WA. The last few months of a very public and very noisy living environment made me appreciate this all the more. We were inside when at about 9 or 9:30 we heard the coyotes and went outside to investigate. They were running in the area and practically screaming as a pack - something I hadn't heard before.

In the morning Evelia was outside reading and called me to come see the horses running by. The property backs up to some ranch land that my neighbors/landlords say is owned by the Kartchner's (Kartchner Caverns) and they run their horses and cattle thru the property at different times of the year.

Turns out I actually have a horse corral area on the property and as much as I love horses, I am not in a position or driven to own one - too much responsibility. And as my friend Pat reminded me, the size of the vet bill is relative to the size of the animal - ouch!

So now I'm settling into my new home and enjoying the sunshine and warm weather and solitude and setting up my studio space. New art beginnings to come soon!

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