Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Encaustic Paintings to Debut At The Tempe Festival of Arts

I have definitely been inspired by my new surroundings since my move to St. David, Arizona in mid October of this year. The landscape of Southeastern Arizona is so varied. I think this state must have the most variety of landscape in one state. Locally, the view goes on for miles and I continue to be amazed at the amount of wide open spaces. The tall grasses have almost a buttery color against the backdrop of the warm mountains. The weather and time of day have a huge affect on the color and hue, changing the mountain ranges from a warm tone to a cool blue and purple as the sun begins to set.

I'm working on a painting of the Grand Canyon but its had a few revisions and I am still not satisfied with it. I'll get there. Of course, I think they look better in person since encaustics are so difficult to photograph. I'll be presenting these along with a number of other new works at the Tempe Festival of Arts, booth# 5535 Friday, Dec 5th - Sun. Dec 7th. I'm also excited to start teaching workshops here in my studio starting in January. Schedule is on my studio website exPRESSive Arts Studio.

"Wide Open Spaces"
Encaustic & Mixed Media on Panel
12" x 24"
Painting above:

"View From My Car"
encaustic & Mixed Media on Panel
8"x 8"


  1. These encaustics are really wonderful. They really take advantage of the possibilties inherent in encaustic. Lovely work.

  2. beautiful karon! I especially like "Wide Open Spaces".

  3. Thank you Caterina and Bridgette for your kind comments. You know encaustics are difficult to photograph and the "wide open spaces" piece definitely looks much better in person.

  4. good luck with your first show! will be thinking BIG sales and NEW CONTACTS!! xoxo love the colors in these newer works!!

  5. Ok Karon--I love your encaustic landscapes! See you in March...

    -L. JonesMoore