Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heading South - Road Trip Part 1

Well the journey to relocate to Arizona started on Sunday Oct 12th with my bestest buddie Evelia and my dog Sonny after a wonderful evening with our dear friends, Rob & Cheri O'Brien and perhaps a little too much wine. The first part of the drive was pretty uneventful as we headed over the I-90 pass and over to eastern WA. We became very aware of the lack of traffic and even wondered where all the people were. Our first night was spent in Baker City OR. The next morning my friend called to say they had snow on the ground in the Provo area where we were headed. We were driving into Idaho when we found our first scenic stop - picture to left - but I swear I don't even remember the name of this place - started with an "M".

Anyways, on thru Idaho stopping in Boise just for gas and some food and when we came upon Twin Falls, the area was quiet with a blanket of snow across the fields. The mountains were white and I hoped that there wasn't still snow in Utah. We got to Salt Lake as the sun was going down and the almost full moon was incredible. Evelia stood out the moon roof of the car taking pictures. I'm sure she was a sight for some of the locals. We stayed the night with my friend/ex-sister in law in Lehi and had some impromtu family time with her kids. The snow had all melted and the roads were clear but my mind was racing from being in the area again - not wanting to run into anyone or anything that knew or reminded me of my exhusband - ugh!

Now the real scenic travels begin. On Tuesday morning we headed southeast to see Bryce Canyon debating on visiting Zion or hoping to see both.

As we drove into Bryce we first came upon the
Red Cliffs and I had to imediatley pull over.
This place was beautiful. I had never been to these canyons before even with all my previous trips to UT when my kids were little.

We spent a good part of our day at Bryce and were leaving as the sun was going down so decided we to make it to Kanab for the night. It was so dark that I let a semi lead me through the windy roads of highway 89. It worked great until an aggressive semi pulled in behind me. I had to ditch them both at a passing lane and found my way thru the dark to Kanab. The old woman at the motel counter did her calculations for tax and change with pencil and paper and I helped her with the change part letting her off the hook as she was obvously tired and couldn't do anymore counting.

The moon was now full and was incredible over the Utah mountains. Kanab ended up being one of our favorite stops believe it or not as we dicovered a wonderful little restaurant that had a gallery upstairs. We enjoyed a top quality vegitarian meal and a few drinks and Victor, the owner was a pleasure and we thanked him for having such a spectacular little place in such an unexpected location. the Rocking V Cafe

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  1. wonderful pics and wonderful journey! thanks so much for sharing it all. best of luck with all your adventures!! xoxo