Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Road Trip - Part 2

Tuesday morning we left Kanab UT and headed for the north rim of the Grand Canyon. This was the last day the Lodge would be open as snow would soon be expected that would close down access to a good part of the north rim. I was pretty exhausted by the time we reached the lodge area and main view lookouts though and actually had to lay down against a tree and rest for awhile.

Evelia and I lost each other for about 30 minutes as we went in opposite directions. Sonny got lots of attention as you can imagine.

Sonny laying in dirt next to me laying against tree

The veiws were incredible and just one of those places that is hard to believe actually exhists. I had been to the grand canyon once before when I was young, about 21 or 22 but didn't have a chance to spend any time there due to the person in charge of van at the time - and that's another story.

This shot is a close up of the peak in the photo above. If you look closely, you'll see some tiny specs on the top of this peak which are actually some very adventurous hikers. Wholly crap! How did they get there?

So from the Grand Canyon we headed down a some winding roads a few thousand feet on our way to Flagstaff for the evening - or perhaps if I wasn't too tired, Sedona.

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  1. one of things i liked best about utah was the unbelievable beauty. we didn't make it to the GC b4 we left. wahhhhh. but sure am enoying your shots! so cool that evelia could go with you!! and the gallery looks great. co-op? best of luck with all............