Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Started or Starting From Scratch

A new home and life in Arizona and a new direction with my art has inspired me to get started or start from scratch with this new blog. When we take a break from our art or are lacking inspiration, its best to just "get started" or even "start from scratch" throwing out our previous expectations about our work and even the direction of our lives. So with a new direction and expectations, here I will update my artistic journeys with "Little Art Notes".

The new direction started when I moved to southeastern Arizona outside of Tucson in October 2008 and my palette obviously changed by the influence of my new environment. I continue to make landscapes, mostly in encaustic but now after a workshop with Paula Roland out of Santa Fe who visited Tucson last month, I am combining my love of printmaking with my passion for encaustic by working in "Encaustic Monotypes" on paper. More to follow.

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