Friday, January 29, 2010

Influenced By:

I wanted to share and give credit to some of the artists that have influenced me in my life and my art. I'll start this series with Wolf Kahn, an artist that greatly influenced my palette and encouraged my ongoing love of painting landscapes.

"The unique blend of Realism and the formal discipline of Color Field painting sets the work of Wolf Kahn apart. Kahn is an artist who embodies the synthesis of his modern abstract training with Hans Hofmann, with the palette of Matisse, Rothko's sweeping bands of color, and the atmospheric qualities of American Impressionism. It is precisely this fusion of color, spontaneity and representation that has produced such a rich and expressive body of work." - Wolf Kahn Website

I really fell in love with this man's art a few years back when my friend Binky Bergsman lent me her book on Kahn, filled with luscious vibrant images of his work. It was difficult but I eventually returned the book and now just occassionally visit his website for new inspirations. I had been working in encaustics then for about a year and created these 2 paintings "A Walk in the Woods with Kahn" based on the inspiration of his work, the colors, the trees, a place I wanted to be. I've since sold one of the 2 paintings and the other hangs in my studio.

"A Walk In The Woods With Kahn"
12" x 36" each - encaustic on panel
Karon Leigh

Who are you inspired by?

Check out this video interview with Wolf Kahn at age 80 - still painting!

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  1. I had to revisit this video. His work is very inspiring.