Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Creating Prosperity in the New Year

2009 has been a difficult year financially for many people, myself included. The US economy is in a strange place and what we have counted on previously we can no longer take for granted. (Perhaps a reminder to never take things or people in our lives for granted.)

As the year comes to an end
I find myself not reflecting on the past year as a continuation of things to come but as a jumping off place with gratitude for all that I do have, not focusing on what I don't have. In this same thought, creating a New Year through focused thought and positive action.

My girlfriends and I plan to celebrate together with a project to start the New Year with intentions to create prosperity and abundance in our lives. Below are the steps to this simple project if you wish to join us on this path.

The New Year is upon us! Make 2010 your Prosperity Year! What a fun, focused way to start off 2010 with great intentions to create prosperity, abundance, affluence and influence in your life.

From Michael's or your other favorite craft store:

1 - Red Box (be creative, buy or make one and decorate it)
1 - Square of red felt
1 - Mirror (Square, round, heart shaped)

From your local bank:

9 - Quarters
18 - New One Dollar Bills (consecutive, but not required)
9 - Twenty dollar Bands (Purple & White)
9 - Quarter Rolls, flat kind
9 - More One Dollar Bills to exchange (see below)

From Chinese Cultural Center or Amazon

2 - Red Envelopes also known as Feng Shui Envelopes


Place 9 One Dollar Bills in Red Envelop exchange with a friend, family or business associate. He or she will do the same. After exchanging the envelopes filled with the 9 One Dollar Bills, both individuals will put their intentions in the exchanged envelop. Each will place this important envelop in their own 2010 Prosperity Box which includes all the other items in it!

During the year new intentions can always be added.

Be creative, be specific with your intentions and let the Universe and Multi-verse provide the avenues to achieve your objectives and goals. Stay out of the outcome, so your income can "come in" to you!

Place the felt and the mirror under the box.

Place all the items in the box, including the red or Feng Shui envelope which contains the 9 one dollar bills and your intentions.

With your Prosperity Box ready for 2010, place it in the left prosperity corner of your home, office, cubicle or favorite room. Facing into your home, apartment, office, cubicle and/or favorite room, your prosperity corner is always in the left hand corner as you enter through the doorway.

From time to time throughout the year, check your list of intentions and see how many have come to fruition for you. Be positive, be affirming! Remember...where you place your consciousness and your heart is what powers your energy to manifest your intentions!

To Prosperity, Abundance, Affluence and Positive Influence for you in 2010!!!

Remember to have fun! (Prosperity Box Project from Quantum Pathic Center of Conciousness)

May you all have a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

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