Monday, November 30, 2009

When All Else Fails . . . I'll Keep Making Art

Is it the economy or me? When I think I'm doing all that I can and its still not working, (referring to supporting myself via my art - or at least selling enough to purchase more art supplies) I stop and question myself, about everything. I've read the books, followed the blogs, done the work, produced the art, joined the groups, submitted to shows, etc. I feel like I'm doing everything right with my artwork and the marketing of it but after a 2 day outdoor art festival that left me covered in dirt & dust along with my artwork, business cards, tent and my car, both inside and out without a single sale, I start questioning myself. What am I doing wrong? Should I go get a real job? What do I need to change? Is it the wrong venue? Is it me? Does my art suck? Am I just not good enough? You know, all the self doubt starts bubbling up from that insecure place that seems to be in most artist, perhaps in most people at one time or another.

So my horoscope today reads:

"Instead of tying your happiness to the changing circumstances of your life, align your emotional satisfaction to your core beliefs. You can find outer peace if you are motivated by an inner awareness."

A core belief that I hold is that I am an artist and I have to make art. So when all else fails, I will keep making art.

"Make the art you love and seek its audience." Jackie Battenfeild from her book "The Artist's Guide"


  1. "Align your emotional satisfaction to your core beliefs." Now that's a line for all of us to follow! Tough times as the world fusses and tries to settle in to a new normal, but we'll make it. And you're a Cancer too?

  2. How true. I've been following this advice for years now, and it has lead to a very happy life. The other day I posted on Facebook: "What am I going to do after the show, when all my paintings come back home, and I want to paint even more?" and my sister replied: "you'll do what every good artist does. Paint, paint, paint"