Sunday, April 12, 2009

little treasures

Easter Sunday 2009 - a beautiful day in Southeastern Arizona - blue skies and sunshine, a gentle breeze. Decided to take a walk down to the monastery and enjoy this beautiful day. The Holy Trinity Monastery is about a mile or so down highway 80 from my home.

In lieu of traditional Easter celebrations where I have always hosted the family dinner, now living alone and far from my children, I figured spending a little time at the monastery seemed like an appropriate way to spend Easter.

The trees are all in bloom this time of year and my favorite tree in town is this giant cottonwood. It reminds me of the cottonwood that Georgia O'Keefe often painted with its twisty curvy branches. I definitely have to paint this tree.

During my walks I am often on the look out for little treasures and today was no exception. At the side of the road I found a dead but fully intact butterfly and carried him with me to the monastery and home with a little damage due to the wind and the sweat of my hand. I also found these wonderful gourds on a vine I had passed.

Of course I stopped to visit with my neighbors on the way home.

Happy Easter my friends.


  1. wonderful photos, wonderful images, hwat a awonderful way to spend easter!! thanks so much for sharing........i went to the beach and came home the day before sunday. nice to get away and have time to art journal and read and generally laze about. gearing up for a solid spring and summer.........xoxoxoxo

  2. We too live very far from our son. Family gatherings/traditions are important to us. So, when holidays come, and we are not together with Brett, Leigh and I spend just a few moments honoring the recollection of/importance of family traditions....we have a family hug in spirit and then we go about spending most of whatever holiday it is just honoring the wonder of the current moments in whatever way it is important to us individually. Life is truly lived singularly, no many how many loved ones surround us.