Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall is Upon Us

I recently took a trip up to La Conner and caught this beautiful image of a full moon on as I was heading back home. I love the landscapes of the Skagit Valley and think if I was going to stay in WA I would seriously consider living up there.
Well Fall is definately upon us and I am grateful for the clear skies we have had recently compared to the outrageous winter we had last year that started with floods all over the western part of the state this first week of November last year.
My new committment to this blog and to myself is to post once a week, with new art or an update on something that is going on or at least something that I am grateful for. Sunday mornings I will give to this blog development.
If you enjoy this image, check back soon as I am working on a cafe press site with other seasonal landscapes I have photographed that will be available as cards or prints.

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