Thursday, August 23, 2007

Post Fresh Paint

Well the one and only show/festival I do each year was last weekend, fun but unsuccessful in terms of sales. I always enjoy the people and especially the kids, except for the boy that wanted to stick his hand under the heat gun to see how really hot it was. When I mentioned that I didn't think his mom would want to be taking him to the hospital today, he backed off. Ah, kids . . . I was working on encaustic and found that direct sunlight really DOES cause the wax to melt.
The image here is one of the new mixed media pieces I'm working on and infact I think I photographed it before it was completed. I have since added the words "reflective", (also the title) in goldish brown lettering along the green horizontal bar near the bottom. I guess I should remember to photograph my work when completed but BEFORE I frame them.

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  1. perhaps it was financially unsuccessful, but i'm glad you were there. Watching you work and listening to you talk about it with such enthusiasm was among the highlights of my experience at the festival. You inspired me! (i melted my crayons)

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